Turn Your Car’s Visor Into a X-Wing’s Targeting Computer

One of my most fond memories of the Star Wars franchise is when Luke makes his Death Star trench run as a rookie Red 5 X-Wing pilot.  I still get chills 30 years later when Luke pulls up his targeting computer only to have Obi-Wan’s spirit chastise him for not relying on the Force.  After this advice is given John Williams’ magical score kicks in while Luke turns off his targeting computer, which allows him to use the Force to guide his fateful proton missile shot intended for the Death Star’s exhaust port.

Well one Star Wars fan has decided to recreate the ill fated targeting computer as a visor decoration for his/her car.  Essentially, with the flip of their car’s sun visor this crafty fan can make their own Death Star trench run as they make their way down the highway.  I wish there was a link for these to purchase, but I couldn’t find one.  I’d definitely be picking one of these up for my own X-Wing if they were indeed for sale.  Oh well, if anyone finds one of these at your local Geek store let us know how to get one!  You’ve been needing this for your hoopty…


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