Turn Your World’s Sounds into Music from ‘TDKR’ with new iOS App

If you’ve been wanting to relive The Dark Knight Rises in a new and exciting way, then you should check out the The Dark Knight Rises Z+ app for iOS.  This freebie (with in-app purchases) will augment your reality with sounds and music from Hans Zimmer’s TDKR soundtrack.  You can set the app to “Autopilot”, and based on your environment it will dynamically change the song being played into your headphones.

For example, if the app notices that you are active it’ll play a special track, or if you’re sitting still it’ll play another, more calm tune.  It’s a pretty neat app, and worth at least a try considering that it’s free.  You can download the iOS app here, or from your iDevice’s App Store app.

This app will automatically play music based on your environment


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