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With today’s online focused gaming landscape getting any sort of edge in a competitive title is key to win the day, especially if we’re talking about the ultra-popular Battle Royale genre that has swept the world with titles like PUBG and Fortnite. To be the last gamer standing takes plenty of skill, but there are devices out there that can help increase your advantage on the battlefield, and one of those devices is an amplified gaming headset.

Turtle Beach’s latest offering for the PS4, PC, Xbox One and Switch — the Stealth 300 — aims to provide gamers with a slight edge over the competition, thanks to its ability to amplify the sounds of the battlefield. With its battery operated amplified 50mm drivers you can better hear an incoming attacker before they can ruin your run, or the headset’s surround sound capabilities can guide you to the next firefight thanks to the ability to hear faint gunfire from across the map. Just these slight advantages based on sound can make or break your next competitive multiplayer match, so for $79.99, the Stealth 300 offers a great value for the quality of sound it puts out.

If you considered picking up the Stealth 700 last year, but didn’t want to drop $150 on a headset, for almost half the price you can own the Stealth 300, which uses much of the same tech as the 700 series, but features a wired design over a wireless setup. I know wires can be a pain in the ass, but I found the wired connection to actually offer up slightly clearer sound than the 700 series I reviewed for the Xbox One. A wired connection will always be cleaner than wireless, it’s just how the technology works, so while having a cable attached to your controller may be a bit clunky, it’s worth the savings and increase in clarity, especially if you’re on a budget and are looking to buy a high-quality headset for under $100.

I personally tested out the Stealth 300 for the PS4, but outside of colored branding and a few custom features for their respective consoles, the Stealth 300 can be used with any device that supports a 3.5mm connection. Apparently the PS4 and Xbox One versions are configured to work better with the console’s sound profiles, but I used the PS4 branded Stealth 300 on my Mac, PS4, and Xbox One, and I found it to sound pretty damn great on either platform, so unless your a brand die hard, either model will work fine for your setup if you own multiple consoles.

In terms of pure sound I found the bass and higher tones to be deep and clear respectively. The headset also reproduces surround sound admirably, and will work with the Dolby Atmos or Windows Sonic tech on the Xbox One. The new God of War sounded magical thanks to the surround sound emulation of this headset, and I was able to hear things in the environment that I never heard before, which made the already mystical experience even more engrossing. I also played a game of Destiny 2 just to experience the Stealth 300’s in a competitive title, and while I could definitely hear my surroundings much clearer, the advantage wasn’t enough to compensate for my waning FPS multiplayer skills, so I still remained a middle-of-the-road player, but at least the match sounded exquisite as I failed over and over.

The Stealth 300 does have a few controls to help tweak your audio experience. On the left speaker there’s an EQ button that has four presets that can be switched to by clicking the button. There’s also a separate audio button on the left speaker to really jack up the sound output, as well as a button for the mic monitor just in case you like to hear yourself chatting into the mic. Speaking of which, the flip-up mic is also on the left speaker, and it works quite well, but I wouldn’t suggest using it for higher-end voice overs or commentary, but it’s more than fine for in-game chat communication.

This headset is also very comfortable and long lasting thanks to its build and 40-hour battery life. It also sports Turtle Beach’s ProSpec tech, which allows gamers with glasses to keep them on without feeling like their head is in a vice thanks to a channel but into the memory foam that allows the legs of glasses to rest in them. This is definitely a headset that doesn’t make you feel like you’re wearing a headset, so it’s good to go for those longer gaming sessions.

If you’ve been looking for a high-end gaming headset that doesn’t cost high-end dollars, then you should definitely consider the new Turtle Beach Stealth 300 line. For $79.99 you will get a great sounding pair of cans that work with multiple devices that has features designed by gamers for gamers. The Stealth 300 is just another great entry in the Turtle Beach family, so if you’ve had success with the brand in the past, this new model is a no brainer if you’re looking to save some cash without compromising your video game audio quality.

Review Summary

Build Quality - 8
Functionality - 8
Price - 8.5
Sound Quality - 8.5



The Stealth 300 is a very affordable high-end gaming headset that features many of the same features of the Stealth 600/700 but for $80.00.

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Review Statement: The author of this review was provided a PS4 Stealth 300 by the publisher for the purposes of this review.

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