Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows is Stylish and Stealthy

Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows might still be in development, but everything that developer Lince Works has shown of the game exudes stealthy goodness.

A third-person stealth game, Twin Souls places players in the shoes of Aragami, an undead assassin. Brought back from the dead in order to aid a young woman named Yariko, Aragami is tasked with navigating a deadly city while protecting Yariko and learning about his own past.

While surviving will be no easy task, Aragami has the power to control shadows. As such, the undead assassin can manipulate the darkness and use powerful magic to outwit and defeat his enemies.

Twin Souls sports some impressive cell-shaded visuals and seems quite polished. Aragami moves effectively, silently and defeats foes with a certain level of style.

According to Lince Works, Twin Souls: Path of  Shadows will be available on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One early next year.

Raymond Porreca

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