Twitch Streams “Sword Coast Legends” Demo

Sword Coast Legends developer n-Space is streaming a (what once was) press-only demo on Twitch for all to see. On Thursday, July 2nd at 3:00 PM EST, Dan Tudge (Game Director), Tim Schwalk (Design Director), and Ash Sevilla (Community Manager) team up to show the public campaign creation, dungeon master tools, and a slew of other previously confidential content. The real-time adventure game is intimate with Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms, and draws inspiration from the 5th Edition rule set to successfully capture the magic from the classic table-top RPG.

Examples such as Hommet’s AC show its D&D influences

Again, this is in real-time: one of the three announced streamers will play the role of Dungeon Master, decorating their own dungeon layout with traps, enemies, secret walls, chests – practically anything until their heart’s content. This power is regulated by “Threat Level,” which should be among the myriad of conversations come Thursday during the stream. With more light being shed on the game, all of Sword Coast Legendsaward nominations continue to intimidate the competition. If you make it to the stream on July 2nd, you might even walk away with some sweet swag (or so says their recent Facebook posts). In case you missed the link to the stream up top, here’s your second chance: Sword Coast Legends Live

Sword Coast Legends is slated for release on September 8, 2015 via Steam.

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