Two Floppy Drives can Play the Imperial March from Star Wars

I may have just seen the most awesome, yet ultimately pointless invention of all-time.  A YouTuber by the name of sh4dowww90 has somehow managed to get two 1.44″ floppy drives to play the infamous Imperial March tune from John Williams’ magical catalog of sci-fi music.  I don’t care who you are, I guarantee that you’ve heard this tune at least once in your life.  You don’t have to be a Star Wars geek to know what the Imperial March is, because this classic is deeply embedded into our pop culture.

The intimidating tune is played at sporting events, has been used in clever commercials, and now it is being performed by two floppy drives.  Yes kids, computers used to have floppy drives, and if you’re a big enough geek you can make them play music like the ones below.  Brilliant, just brilliant!  You’ve been wondering how long it took this guy to figure this trick out…

Floppy Music DUO: Imperial March


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