The iPhone 5 has been out for almost a week now, and it is truly a solid gadget.  I’ve found the best way to test out its new guts that feature the smoking A6 chip, is to load up a high-end iOS game.  Luckily, two of these heavy duty titles are now on sale via the iTunes App Store.  The first one that I recommend downloading is the Avengers Initiative game, which is now on sale for $2.99.

Avengers Initiative is an Infinity Blade knock-off, but it’s visuals are second to none, and they look next-gen like on the iPhone 5.  This game runs like a dream on the 5’s A6 chip, and it makes my PS Vita look like a GameBoy from the 80’s.  The frame rate is killer, and it’ll make you happier than a pig in sh*t while you show it off to your poor friends.

Trust me, it looks even better on the iPhone 5

The other game that has taken a deep discount this week that will show off your new iPhone 5’s computing power is the official The Dark Knight Rises game by Gameloft.  This high-end mobile title is only $.99 right now!  That’s a flipping steal for this open world action game set in Nolan’s Batman franchise.  It also runs wonderfully on the iPhone 5, and it  loads faster than it did on the New iPad.  It’s graphics aren’t as polished as Avengers Initiative’s, but it’s still an amazingly detailed mobile game that only costs a dollar.

Yes, he still talks like he has throat cancer

If you’ve been wanting to show off your new iPhone 5’s superpowers then I highly recommend picking up at least one of the above recommendations.  If you’ve become burnt out on the whole swiping gameplay of Infinity Blade then I’d go with TDKR, but let’s be real.  You can get both for $4, so unless you’re homeless I’d just pony up for both.  Download links for the iTunes App Store versions will be listed after the break.  You’ve been needing to experience the full power of the iPhone 5…

Avengers Initiative

The Dark Knight Rises


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