Two Kinects Equals Full 3D Modeling Capabilities

It didn’t take long for the geek who first showed the world how Kinect can be used to capture 3D images to improve upon his setup.  Good old Oliver Kreylos has added another Kinect sensor to his rig, which helps to complete near fully realized 3D capturing with the Kinect.  Before, with only one Kinect, Kreylos could only capture the side of an object that was facing the device.  If he panned around to the camera-less side, you could see that the image was missing half of its contents.  Imagine if someone split you down the middle with a lightsaber.  This is what his old setup looked like.

Now that he has added in another Kinect sensor the object is nearly full on 3D except for the back of it, which still isn’t in view of a camera.  Basically, if you wanted to capture the most realistic 3D view of an object you would have to have at least 3 Kinects.  Either way, Kreylos’s work is still very impressive.  Keep in mind that he is doing this all on his own.  MS doesn’t provide guides on how to use your Kinect on a PC.  Check the Matrix-esque bullet time video using Kinect below.  You’ve been wanting to see your crappy apartment in 3D…


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