Heavensward has gotten a pretty epic new trailer that recaps the end of the main storyline of the game and also introduces the new expansion with a real bang. Half drama, half action, the trailer is sure to excite seasoned players as well as bring in some new players (I know I thought it was pretty cool and I haven’t played a Final Fantasy game all the way through since Final Fantasy X, like the one for the PS2.)

Now this trailer, the Flames of Truth, I’m assuming is some kind of recap of the events that happened in the actual main storyline, again, I have no idea because I haven’t actually played the game at all, bit too busy for MMO’s nowadays. It still blows my brain out the back of my skull with the music, the action, the awesome looking characters and the flashy battles that the trailer presents to me. Check it out if you’re a fan or just looking for a reason to start sinking some hours into a new MMO!

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