For years, gamers have been anxiously awaiting the release of Final Fantasy XV. The wait, it seems, has been for a good reason, however, as the two new gameplay trailers released by Square Enix today showcase a game that has some serious depth and character.

The first trailer, seen above, showcases the wildlife and ecology of the game. In the video, viewers are treated to an array of different creatures and plantlife, all of which are rendered using Final Fantasy XV’s in-game graphics. The various creatures on display represent a nice mix of real-world creatures and fantastic beasts, spanning form a stoic eagle to the dinosaur-like quadrupeds that have been seen in other trailers.

In the second video, a dungeon — which will be featured in the upcoming playable demo of Final Fantasy XV — can be seen. Checking out the dungeon gameplay allows gamers to prepare for their time in the Episode Duscae demo that will release with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

Clearly, Final Fantasy XV is shaping up to be everything fans could have hoped for. Stay tuned for more information regarding the game as it becomes available.


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