The free-to-play video game movement is here to stay and in full swing, especially on mobile devices featuring the iOS and Android platforms. Some free-to-play games are nothing more than a trap to get you to spend tons of cash through in-app purchases, but others provide great amounts of value that don’t require any money to be spent, unless you want to speed up the pace of unlocking new items and currency. Two recently released mobile games for iOS and Android definitely embrace the free-to-play mantra perfectly, and both are well worth a download and heavy amounts of your free time.


Football Heroes

The first game that you must download and experience is Football Heroes by Run Games. This arcade football game brilliantly meshes the 2D Tecmo Bowl feel from the NES days with the over-the-top sports gameplay experience showcased in the NBA Jam franchise. Upon starting a game it’s immediately clear that the developers drew inspirations from gaming’s past thanks to the classic visual design and gameplay. I couldn’t help but be transported back to the 80’s when I used to play Tecmo Bowl in my bedroom with friends, running roughshod over them with L.A.’s one-two-punch of Marcus Allen and Bo Jackson. The visuals have been slightly refined, but they still exude an old school feel akin to the days of 8 and 16-bit glory.

What sets Football Heroes apart from Tecmo Bowl and NBA Jam is its use of a RPG-like experience model. Each of your players can be ranked up and given new abilities to help them on the gridiron. When it comes to abilities they aren’t just your garden variety football stats either. Players can wield superpowers and other offensive or defensive special moves to help win the day. For example, while on defense you could enable the lightning strike ability that will render the ball carrier useless, stopping his forward momentum. On offense you can enable super attacks such as Ryu-sized uppercuts and Jonny Cage slider kicks to help get a first down.

In all honesty, a Football Heroes match feels more like a side-scrolling beat ’em up in the vein of Double Dragon than a football simulator, but that’s what makes it so endearing. There’s nothing better than turning to face your would be tacklers during a long run and punching them out so you can continue your trot towards the end zone and glory. The touch controls make doing so a breeze, and the use of zany superpowers always shakes up the pace of play.

Football Heroes can now be downloaded from the iTunes store, but Android owners will have to wait a bit longer for its release on that platform.


Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

The second game that you owe to your mobile device to download is Star Wars: Tiny Death Star from Lucasarts. This 8-bit styled game will make any Star Wars fan instantly fall in love with its visual style. Seeing pixelated versions of Emperor Palpatine, Vader, and the other famous Star Wars characters is the definition of awesome. There’s even a soundtrack that captures the familiar Star Wars themes that John Williams created, albeit in an 8-bit synth music style.

The title of this game should be a dead giveaway about what its gameplay entails. If you’ve ever played Tiny Tower, then you’ll be intimately familiar with Tiny Death Star’s mechanics. You’re tasked with adding new levels to Palpy’s Death Star to build it into the world destroying super power that the Emperor needs to quell the rebellion. Players must earn coins and bux en route to adding new levels, which can be rooted in residency, entertainment, business, and other level types that help you to draw new Bitizens to your Death Star. These 8-bit sprites can live in your Death Star and be put to work in the other non-residential levels to help earn more coins and bux to keep your expansion project moving forward.

The gameplay is overly simplistic, but downright addicting. The act of wooing new Bitizens to your Death Star will keep you planning new levels, and restocking shelves late into the night. The cheeky 8-bit design also helps to keep your Star Wars and old school video game nostalgic juices flowing, further causing your inability to put the game down.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star can now be downloaded for free from iTunes, and Google Play.


Make sure to download at least one of these awesome new free mobile games this weekend to see just how much fun they truly are. If you do so make sure to drop a comment down below letting us know what you thought about your experience with either of them. Stay tuned for our full reviews on both, which should be out within the next couple of days.


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