Two New ‘Persona 5’ Videos Show Off More Velvet Room

ATLUS released two new videos for their upcoming RPG, Persona 5, which I personally can’t wait any longer for. The first video finally gives some light to the twins that we saw in the Velvet Room in the first Velvet Room trailer. They are Caroline and Justine, and they are the Wardens of the jail.

In case you didn’t know, the protagonist is a prisoner within his own Velvet Room. By completing prison work inside the Velvet Room, you will unlock new experimentation options like advanced fusion, network fusion, strengthening, and more. Caroline and Justine sort of personify the good cop/bad cop routine–Caroline being the mean one, and Justine being the nice one. You can see that video below:

The second video is more or less a sizzle reel, and oh boy, does it sizzle. There is so much style in these games it’s not even funny. The music, the graphics, and the gameplay are all smooth like butter. Check it out below. The Phantom Thieves are plotting their next move. Are you ready?

Make sure you pre-order Persona 5 to get your special steel book edition. I know I am! For more information on Persona 5 and DLC information, check out the website here! Persona 5 releases on April 4th, 2017.


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