Two New Trailers for The Order: 1886

Dangerously Pretty

Ready At Dawn’s upcoming, PlayStation 4 exclusive, The Order: 1886 has been shrouded in mystery ever since the game was first revealed. The alternative take on world history, infused with imaginative weaponry and some of the best visuals ever scene in a video game have made The Order one of the most talked about – and anticipated – video games of the new console generation.

PlayStation 4 owners will be happy to see the two brand new trailers for The Order: 1886 that were released today. The two trailers feature everything that The Order has become known for – stunning graphics and an air of near-confusing mystery.

The first trailer, called ‘The Pledge’ is a two and a half minute, atmospheric view inside the life of the members of the titular Order. As the narrator recites the Pledge, the world of the game and the danger of the Order’s work makes just a little more sense.

The second The Order trailer is short, sweet and a wonderful testament to the PlayStation 4’s power. Yet again, the game’s brilliant visuals are put on display in a scene that ends with members of the order firing off some stylish weaponry.

Both of The Order: 1886’s new trailers can be found below.


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  1. Cozomel

    After seeing the big gameplay footage reveal today I can’t help but be disappointed. The game looks like a pretty Gears of War clone, it has great visuals but the same stale theirs person cover based shooter gameplay. All the hype I had for this game is gone, first 30fps, then NO coop or multiplayer(this is NEXT GEN), the black bar controversy also known as the cinematic aspect ratio(bleh), and now the boring last gen gameplay but with QTEs… mad this game turned out like this. I mean the footage they withheld forever couldn’t even run at 30fps without lagging FFS! All the waiting and this is what they had to show us, generic cover based shooting, QTEs, and pretty looks. Game will be a rental only for sure or a buy and trade in a week later at best. Damn shame.

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