Two Parodies Mocking George Lucas Revisions to Star Wars on Blu-ray

The Internet has been full of fanboy hate ever since George Lucas’ additional changes to his franchise were announced for the Blu-ray boxed set, and it’s safe to say that absolutely no one thinks what George did was a good idea.  All he has really managed to do is to further drive a wedge in between himself and the fans that used to adore him.  Although, some good has come out of this mess in the form of fan made videos making fun of Lucas and his new batch of changes to the Star Wars franchise.

The two below are great examples of the humorous backlash that Lucasfilm is facing due to George’s erroneous decision to further f*ck with his franchise in ways that are simply mind boggling.  If you’ve been needing to laugh this latest slap in the face move by Emperor Lucas off, then take some time and watch these two parody vids below.  If anything they’ll comfort you knowing that their are others out there that are as dumbfounded as you are in regards to these edits.  You’ve been liking the use of “NOOOOOOO” in other movie franchises…

Classic Films Made Better with a “NOOOOOOO”


Star Wars Blu-ray Changes


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