Two Perfect Examples of Why the Internet is an Awesome Place

Just think of how crappy the Internet would’ve become (still can) if bills like SOPA and PIPA got passed?  We’d never again be treated to some of the more unusual creativity that the Internet seems to foster.  We wouldn’t be able to look at awesome pictures of C-3P0 wielding lightsabers, or even better, Paula Dean riding an AT-AT while flanked by Terminators.  Life would never be the same.  Internet memes would no longer exist, and I’d be forced to right about boring bullish*t everyday.  Thank goodness that is not the case, so please by all means take in the C-3P0 and Paula Dean Star Wars art below.  You’ve just realized that AT-ATs and Terminators kind of go hand in hand…

Long Live the Internet and the Crazies Who Inhabit it!

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