Two Reasons Why You Should Watch the Spartacus Saga: Uncut On 10/26

Starz is gearing up to launch the Spartacus Saga: Uncut on October 26, 2013, which will feature all four seasons of the show complete with extended episodes and bonus footage. Fans of the series know that this particular TV show was one of the most gory and sex filled series to ever grace the airwaves of cable television, and packed a heavy dose of drama and scheming to boot.

Season 1 hooked fans with Andy Whitfield’s masterful portrayal of the titular character, and while the brilliant actor passed before his time, the show picked up with a prequel series and then two more full seasons with Liam McIntyre in the lead role. Even without Andy, Spartacus the series still managed to produce two worthy seasons of pure barbaric action with a splash of heart.

Some contend that the show may still be running if the whole Whitfield tragedy never took place, and as an avid fan I can’t disagree. The delays between seasons, and the fact that Liam could never really command the character like his predecessor ultimately led to its early wrap, but it’s still a series that any self-respecting man or woman should watch. It will be forever remembered for its stylized violence and sex that most other TV shows wouldn’t dare to exhibit, so if those ingredients interest you there’s a great chance that the show will too.

To help get both old and new fans excited for the Spartacus Saga: Uncut release Starz has been airing ‘Killing Time’ clips on its YouTube channel to showcase the series’ bread and butter, which is its gruesome fatalities. Each of the videos below should give you all the reasons you need to plant your behind in your most comfortable chair when the saga re-airs on October 26th. Head on down past the break to relive, or have your eyes awoken to the brilliance of the Spartacus franchise!


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