Two Scenes in Game of Thrones: Eastwatch Mostly Confirmed Everyone’s Jon Snow Theories

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Before you proceed there will be massive spoilers for the latest episode of Game of Thrones contained with in this post. Please do not read on unless you’re down with GoT SPOILERS in general, or have watched “Eastwatch” already.

Last warning!

During the Season 6 finale of Game of Thrones fans of the series finally got a bit of payoff on a theory we all had about Jon Snow’s true parentage. Thanks to Bran we learned that Jon was not Ned’s bastard, but his Aunt Lyanna’s, and that more than likely his Father was Rhaegar Targaryen. This revelation gives Jon a solid claim to the Iron Throne, but due to his bastard status, his claim could be questioned if he ever wanted to pursue it once he himself learned the truth about his real parents.

Considering we’re talking about Game of Thrones where nothing plays out as fans may expect, we could only take this new information in stride hoping that it would payoff later on, or that more details would be made available to bolster our theories at a later date. Well, thanks to “Eastwatch” — in particular two key scenes — we now know more facts about Mr. Snow that really do support the fact that he’s Targaryen, and that he may have a stronger claim to the Iron Throne than his Aunt Dany, who by the way he’s clearly starting to take a liking to.

The first scene that helped to cement Jon’s Targaryen heritage was my favorite of the episode. It is the scene between Jon, Dany, and Drogon I’m referring to, which played out much differently than most of us probably expected when we saw it teased on the trailer for this episode, and in a tweet from HBO.

Dany returns from her triumphant battle riding atop Drogon and lands right behind Jon in a show of strength and victory. Things got really interesting when Jon approached Dany on her massive dragon, and rather than being snarled at, or even warned with a growl, Drogon presents himself to Jon to touch. Now this may not seem like a big deal, but it is, because we know that only Targaryens have ever been able to tame Dragons and ride them as mounts. It’s almost as if dragons can sense the blood of this family and accept the bond that the species forged with them many years ago before Aegon conquered Westeros. The way Drogon reacted to Jon clearly showed that Snow is special, and that his real Father’s blood truly flows through his veins.


I think Dany’s reaction was even more key than the dragons, because she was clearly shocked, and in awe of what Jon was allowed to do with Drogon. The last man that approached Dany and Drogon nearly got his ass melted in his golden suit of armor, so the fact that Drogon essentially yielded to Jon speaks volumes about Snow’s parentage. Drogon’s behavior towards Jon more or less confirms a fan theory that we will see him riding a dragon before the game of thrones is won, which is very exciting to think about and much more real than ever before. Plus, Dany and Jon are clearly starting to dig each other — did you see the long stares between them before Jon left — so it only makes sense that they’ll eventually shack up and ride dragons like the Targaryens of old. At least their just Aunt and Nephew and not brother and sister, because that’d be weird right Jaime?


The other scene that also reinforced Jon’s claim to the Iron Throne and his Targaryen heritage came when Gilly stumbled across a passage about a Prince “Ragger” or whoever she called him having his marriage annulled in Dorne. Now if you’ve been following the story all along you’ll remember that everyone thought Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna Stark and took her for himself, which started the war that eventually saw the Baratheons take the Iron Throne. Everyone thought that the Prince had stolen Lyanna against her will and was doing awful things to her, but as we began to learn last season, this wasn’t the case at all.

Lyanna was with Rhaegar by choice, and gave him a son, which he felt he needed to protect in the Tower of Joy with his two best Kingsguard even though he was headed to battle against Robert. Why would he do that unless he truly loved this woman and she him? Well now we pretty much know. He did it because she was his wife, and he was actually no longer married to Ellaria Martell. She was also pregnant with his son and only heir, because we know, at least based on the show, that Ellaria’s children were murdered by the Mountain.

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Gilly’s casual find now gives Jon a stronger claim to the throne than even Dany because it means he’s not a bastard at all. Not even a royal one. He’s a legitimate heir to the Iron Throne, a Targaryen male, and the son of a Stark. Considering these ingredients Jon becomes a better candidate to be King, because he not only has the right to the Iron Throne, but he is of Stark blood, so he will also have the support of the Northern Lords.

Who knows when Jon, Dany, and the other key players will learn all of this, but I think Sam will have a hand in the reveal now that he’s bailed on the Citadel. It’ll be interesting to see how everyone handles the news, because it’s very game changing. It could piss Dany off, or possibly be exactly what she wanted to hear and they’ll hook up and become Targaryen rulers of old, albeit not the mad type or ones who rule with fists of fire.

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If anything else we now know for sure that Jon is as Targaryen as it gets, and that he is looking more and more like the prince who was promised, and that he embodies the song of ice and fire. Think Stark and Targaryen blood. He has it, but no one knows, which will make for an awesome reveal potentially before the end of this excellent seventh season.


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