During the day I rely on my toys to keep me occupied, and the iPhone 4S has become my toy of choice to keep me entertained.  Through its amazing catalogue of apps geeks like me can always find something to download to keep their mind’s occupied when real life calls.  One of my favorite apps to keep me entertained and allow me to be creative at the same time is the Gif Camera app.  It’s perfect for capturing life’s moments one shot at a time to create GIFs that are only limited by the user’s imagination.

Recently I created my first short using the GIF Camera app, some paper, and a pencil.  The process took about 10 minutes, but it was a blast to create.  There’s something gratifying about planning out a project then seeing it come together in one cohesive GIF short.  I’m not claiming Two Stickmen, One Gun… is the next coming of Robot Chicken, but it definitely showcases the insane amount of projects that you can create using the GIF Camera app.  Check it out below and be prepared to be moved.  You’ve been digging some stick on stick violence…

Two Stickmen, One Gun…

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