UAG Introduces Military Grade Case for iPad Air 2

Urban Armor Gear has announced today the latest and greatest in cases for the Apple iPad Air 2.

Featuring a one-piece FrogSkin design, UAG’s iPad Air 2 case is the most rugged and sturdy case on the market. The FrogSkin also provides for an easy-to-grip case that will remain tactile and firmly gripped even in the most damp of conditions. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, UAG’s latest case is as impressive as they come.


In addition to the impressive grip of the iPad Air 2 case, UAG has confirmed that each case features a magnetic smart cover that can withstand even the roughest of situations.

Even more important the the iPad Air 2 case’s grip and smart cover is the fact that UAG has had the cases independently tested to meet military grade standards in terms of drops and shock damage.

UAG’s iPad Air 2 case retails at $49.95 and is available in Scout black and Rogue red. The case can be purchased here.


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