Ubisoft Brings Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals to Mobile

The mobile gaming market has just got a whole lot more epic today, as Ubisoft has officially announced that Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals is now available to download through Google Play,  the Amazon store and Apple’s App Store.

The free-to-play strategy/RPG title brings players into a vibrant world where they will be able to shape, alter and experience events to their liking. By utilizing hero units, complete with spells and fantastic weaponry, Battle of Heroes allows for deep strategy gameplay all from a mobile device.

Similar to other genre offerings, Battle of Heroes contains plenty of units, structures, and playable heroes that provide a deeply customizable experience, all of which can be played solo or competitively with other gamers.

Those who wish to dive right into Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals can check the game out on the Google Play store and App Store now.


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