Ubisoft has become a major player in the third party game development business, and that is plain to see on the E3 show floor.  I got a private tour of their booth today and spent some quality time with Assassin’s Creed 3 on the Wii U, and Far Cry 3 running on the PS3.  AC3 looked amazing on the Wii U, so it is nice to see that Nintendo fans will finally be able to play the same type of games that PS3 and 360 gamers have been enjoying for the past seven years.

I really got the impression that Ubisoft utilized the Wii U’s gamepad controllers perfectly by providing an in-game map on it, as well as Connor’s weapon wheel.  I didn’t feel at all like the gamepad was being treated as a gimmick, which should be appreciated by hardcore gamers.  Oh, and by the way, AC3 is freaking insanely awesome!

After AC3 I was treated to some hands on time with Far Cry 3, and just like my earlier Dishonored experience, I now have a new found respect for this open world-ish jungle shooter.  First off, the game looked brilliant running on the PS3.  The frame rate was top notch, and the world’s textures were exemplary.  I don’t think I’ve seen a better looking digital jungle and ocean ever before.  I actually died a few times during the demo just because I kept getting side tracked by the game’s environment.  It’s that realistic looking.

On top of Far Cry 3 looking like a shiny new car it also played very well.  I’ve never played a Far Cry game from beginning to end, but that streak will definitely end when this game comes out in September.  Far Cry 3’s gameplay offers variety in its style, but blasting fools was my preferred method of enemy elimination.  At one point during my demo I shot up a Tiger cage to release the fearsome beast on my foes, and after he was done eating them that silly cat came after me until I emptied a clip of AR ammo in his face.  It’s situations like this, and the ability to pull off gnarl stealth kills that really amused me while playing Far Cry 3 today.

I’ll tell you what.  Ubisoft has a chance of stealing this year’s E3.  Pretty much every game they’re showing off is going to be “must play”, and the two I got my hands on are probably the cream of the crop.  I’ve been motivated to catch up on my Assassin’s Creed games to get ready for number 3, and I’ll definitely be giving the Far Cry franchise an honest go with its third title.  Ubisoft is making the Fall of 2012 a very intriguing time for gamers, and an expensive one at that.  You’ve been wondering why I haven’t played the last two Assassin’s Creed games yet…


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