You might consider Ubisoft to be a massive team of people who only work on serious AAA games, but that just isn’t the case. Ubisoft as it happens does actually have some fun with its development projects, but sometimes having fun can make it to the next level, as evidenced by the likes of Goat Simulator and more.

Grow Home is an experiment from a group of eight Ubisoft employees that made it big enough to impress the bosses and turn into a fully fledged game. The title follows the story of BUD as he journeys up what can only be described as a magical alien beanstalk with some gorgeous looking graphics. Grow Home uses procedural animation in a really interesting way, so hopefully it works as well as it sounds. BUD will explore a very Pixar-esque world and hopefully make it to the very top of the stalk without falling to his death using a wide variety of traversal methods.

Ubisoft has straight up recommended using a gamepad since they believe it will result in a much more immersion experience thanks to the hands of BUD being linked to both triggers. Grow Home definitely seems like a leap in style for Ubisoft, but that does not have to be a bad thing. Like most experiments however time will indeed tell if the project pans out. Despite a pad being recommended, Grow Home will only be available on PC and is due for release on February 4th. If you want to know more on the gorgeous looking game, take a look at the screenshots below, and the UbiBlog post explaining all the details on Grow Home.



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