Ubisoft’s The Division Makes Co-op Survival Look Amazing

Despite the city's decay, The Division has some cool tech

Despite the city's decay, The Division has some cool tech


One of the most interesting titles of E3 so far is Ubisoft’s The Division. The gameplay trailer unveiled yesterday featured four players working in a group to explore (and survive) a near-future version of New York.

The Division has Tom Clancy’s name attached to it, meaning that even despite it’s massively multiplayer offerings, players can except an intriguing narrative. Players are thrown into a New York that has fallen victim to an infection that was caused by a terrorist group and much of the city has subsequently begun to come unraveled.

In the trailer, it is clear that The Division is taking a unique approach to the MMO genre. Players will have to work in teams to survive the harsh streets of New York, and different players will have to specialize in different abilities to ensure the group’s safety. Each member of the team from the gameplay video used different weaponry and seemed to have a host of different skills. While certain classes are currently unknown, it seems that Ubisoft is planning for players to have a lot to choose from, allowing for uniquely customized groups for every situation.

The gameplay trailer featured a team investigating the sound of gunshots that rang out from a nearby Police Station. Upon arriving, a gunfight broke out, forcing the team to slid behind cover and fight for their lives. Even during the hectic gunfire, the game looked stunning. New York, even in its decayed state, feels eerily alive in The Division’s demo, which gives hope that the end-game will offer major atmosphere for an MMO.

Ubisoft stated that The Division will launch on next-gen hardware, but no word on a release date has been announced yet.

The Division Gameplay (HD):

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