UD Replicas Offering Insanely Detailed Man of Steel Suit Jackets

Zod leather motorcycle jacket

Zod leather motorcycle jacket

UD Replicas is a retail company that offers high-quality wearable editions of some of the film industry’s most iconic costumes, namely those rooted in the geek space. Its latest product offerings are based on Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, in particular General Zod’s black Krypton suit, and Kal-El’s alternate dark colored suit that he wore in a dream sequence.

These aren’t just some cheap ass pleather jackets either. They’re built to mimic the actual movie suits, and completely reflect all of the muscles and intricate design work that the real deal costumes featured. Both are billed as leather jackets, but the Zod edition is also described as a motorcycle jacket, and does seem to feature some padding.

At this time no pricing details have been listed, and the Man of Steel line of jackets isn’t even on the official UD site yet. Based on some of their other radical offerings, such as the Batman suit from TDKR, these Man of Steel ensembles may run as high as $1500 dollars if they come with the full gamut of items that the Batman suit does. With that being said the jackets themselves will probably still retail for over $500 dollars, so these aren’t casual purchases. They’re basically the definition of a luxury purchase.

Man of Steel Dream Variant

Man of Steel leather jacket

UD Replicas will be showing these new items off at SDCC next week at booth 3635, so if you happen to be at the largest gathering of geeks and nerds on the planet, you should definitely pencil in a stop. Make sure to check out all of UD’s bitching items on its site to see just how intensely awesome the gear truly is.


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