Unboxing of The Avengers Hulk Maquette From Sideshow Collectibles


Yesterday I received what could go down as the single greatest piece in my collection of geekness, which is the Hulk maquette from Sideshow Collectibles that is based on his appearance in The Avengers.  This baby sized statue is a spectacle to behold, and I don’t think there’s a better homage to the Hulk in the universe.  The maquette stands just over 2 feet tall and weighs a whopping 18 pounds, and it really does resemble a baby that ate too many steroids.  Albeit a very angry looking baby who looks like he rolled around in some green paint during an arts and crafts session at daycare.

I typically don’t go for high end collectibles like this, mainly because they cost way too much cash, but after my new found fanboy love for the Hulk (post The Avengers), I had to own it.  After unboxing it yesterday I instantly knew that I made the right, but costly decision to secure him for my collection.  I love it to the point of wanting to bring the statue with me everywhere I go as if it were an actual child.  I even considered bringing him to bed until I reminded myself that I’d end up on the couch if my wife caught me tucking in a 2 foot tall statue of the Hulk.

I couldn’t keep this awesomeness all to myself, so I went ahead and filmed an epic unboxing video of this monstrous collectible for the fans of EB to see.  I tried to show just how massive this Hulk maquette is by placing ordinary items next to it, so you can realize his magnitude without owning one yourself.  Not everyone likes to waste their money like me, so it’s my pleasure to present the brand new Hulk maquette from Sideshow Collectibles via the unique unboxing video after the break.  Think of it as a journey more than just a simple removing of the Hulk’s protective devices.  You’ve been wishing you could see this thing in person…

Unboxing The HULK Maquette – Avengers from Sideshow Collectibles

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