Uncharted 4: A Theif’s End is certainly going to be a console-seller for the PS4, and the new E3 extended gameplay demo is pretty badass, and that’s coming from an Xbox fan.

The visuals are absolutely gorgeous, and the action is silky smooth, even with tons of stuff going on all at one time. Takedowns are brutal, but not gory, which is good to see a game being able to pack a punch without dumping buckets of blood and entrails all over you. The car chase is beyond crazy, between driving through busy market places trying to not wipe out pedestrians and using a grappling hook to hang onto a car that’s speeding down a bridge and trying to not wipe out against pillars and makeshift scaffolding.

If you haven’t seen or played even one of the Uncharted games, you’ll want to check out this trailer, because it will honestly make you want to dive into the previous games so that you can play the newest one. Check out the trailer above and get your Nathan Drake on.

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