I’ve had several thoughts as to how a zombie apocalypse might occur, but never did I think that cute undead zombie girls would be involved–not once. Mr. Tired Media’s latest title encourages players to venture through the “Funpocalypse” in Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~. The UD ~ncfl~ can best be described as a “visual novel dungeon crawler RPG developed in the West with a Japanese aesthetic”.

Undead Darlings is taking everything you know about the genre, and bringing players a refreshing take on the zombie apocalypse–not everything has to be so gloomy.

The story follows a Reginald “Reggie” Happenstahnce, who is the son of the man who created a cure for the zombie plague. Of course it’s then that he comes across the darn cutest zombies anyone has ever seen. But here’s the thing: they’re not ‘all-zombie’, only partly. You see, these girls may have the outer appearance of an undead flesh eating beast, but their hearts still remain human. Seeing that they’re still partially human, they want Reggie to complete his task in delivering the antidote to the proper people.

According to developers at Mr. Tired Media, “What [they] hope to achieve with Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~ (UD~ncfl~ for short) is to channel and emulate some of the best aspects from different Japanese game genres—such as classic JRPG mechanics and visual novel style storytelling/character growth. [They are] paying homage to a number of classic and modern game titles with UD~ncfl~, both in its design aesthetic and in sometimes subtle, sometimes not-so-subtle nods within the narrative itself.”

So as you can tell, Undead Darlings will really be making a name for itself within the genre, and I’m nothing but eager to check it out.

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Oh, and check out this pretty sweet trailer.

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