Unedited Charlie Sheen Interview Proves He Can be Funny On Camera

Charlie Sheen’s opening night in Detroit may have been less than perfect, but I’d imagine if he could do skits like the one you’ll see in this video at his live shows, he’d become the next great stand-up comic of all-time.  This spoof is exactly what Charlie is awesome at, being nuts and acting.  I’m not sure if his talents will ever be suited to a live show, but if his team can put together material like this that can be executed in front of a live audience, I’d say Sheen will never need prime time TV again.

Basically, Mr. Tigerblood the Torpedo of Truth deliverer dubbed in the unrated version of his answers to his ABC interview, which took place towards the beginning of his fall into madness.  This time around you actually get to see what he truly wanted to say during this interview, which tried to take Sheen seriously when he obviously isn’t.  I will admit that The Warlock and his team did a great job with this unedited interview, and like I said before this is the type of stuff that he excels at.

He really is a great actor, but I think it’ll take him some time to translate his acting skills to the live stage.  Regardless, this Charlie Sheen bit is something you have to see.  His unedited interview is priceless, especially since his sane filter is left off.  Check it out below.  You’ve been wondering what it must feel like to shove cigs up your nose and ears at the same time…


Charlie Sheen: The Unedited Version



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