Microsoft has released a new ‘Depth’ trailer for Kinect Star Wars that takes a deeper look at the game modes that are present in this motion controlled title.  For the first time this trailer has managed to get me semi-interested in this Star Wars game even though I know it’ll probably suck.  Let’s be honest, Kinect Star Wars has been created to prey on fanboys like myself who feel like they need to consume everything Star Wars.

Lucas has managed to create a die hard legion of fans that will buy anything that resembles their fond memories of his now tarnished franchise, and KSW’s inevitable success is a perfect example of this undying love for a piece of pop culture.  Who knows, maybe this game will kick Sith a*s?  Regardless, the newest trailer below is definitely worth a look if you’ve been waffling about buying this game or not.  You’ve been thinking there’s a slim chance that this game works flawlessly with the kinect…

Kinect Star Wars “Depth” trailer

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