Uninformed MCU Fan Hilariously Tries to Name Avengers: Infinity War Hero Characters

There’s a viral tweet going around that fans of the MCU and its most recent film, Avengers: Infinity War, will appreciate. The tweet comes from Gabrielle Regan-Waters‏ whose wife has only seen Captain America 1 and Thor 2, which means she’s missing 16 MCU films worth of characters and story content. Gabrielle asked her wife to then name the heroes of Avengers: Infinity War by looking at a lineup of the cast, and her answers are even better than what you may expect based on her lack of MCU knowledge.

As you can see her responses are perfect, and about spot on for someone who has missed 16 out of 18 MCU movies leading into Infinity War. I think he best guesses are with the Black Panther cast, which most get described as being a part of War Maiden’s family. I also liked Troot for Groot, and Purple Alien for Vision. Although Other Iron Man is pretty legit too.

Anyway, thanks Internet for another web gem!


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