Unknown Worlds Reveals New Game – Future Perfect

Sometimes, a developer wants to really challenge themselves. This is exactly what renowned Natural Selection 2 developer, Unknown Worlds Entertainment, are doing with their latest project. ‘Project’ is exactly the right word to use here, since the newly announced Future Perfect is not quite at the perfectly playable stage it will be sometime soon. In the future.

If you have played the likes of Halo and experienced the joy that is Forge Online, then you should have some basic expectation nailed down here. Future Perfect plans to provide ultimate freedom to players, using a robust yet simple design of which creators of varying strengths will be able to utilize to the max. Since Future Perfect is still in the earliest of access, it has a very long way to go before it can truly consider itself a complete game. The team at Unknown Worlds however are more than pleased to accept feedback regardless of its type. Future Perfect is currently a bug riddled, barely playable game that can only improve as time goes by, but that only makes it more interesting.

Future Perfect is currently not available through Steam directly, though you can hit up this link to purchase a copy of the game through a humble widget, which provides builds of the game through Steam. Also be sure to check out the Trello board for Future Perfect to see and help with the constant additions and changes that are guaranteed to affect the game in the long run.

Please be aware that Future Perfect is in an incredibly early state, and you really should only purchase if you plan on supporting the game throughout, otherwise you will most likely be incredibly disappointed with your purchase. Take a look at the video above to get a feel for the type of game Future Perfect will be.

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