Upcoming RTS Etherium Receives Debut Teaser Trailer


The newly announced real time strategy game, Etherium, has received its first trailer which showcases some seriously sleek futuristic visuals that are certain to get fans of the genre up and interested.

Etherium, developed by Tindalos Interactive, has plenty going for it that will set the game apart from other titles in the genre. Three playable empires will be available in Etherium as they vie for control of a precious resource that is scarcely available.

In the Etherium trailer, the first of the three empires is revealed. Known as the Consortium, the empire is seen deploying troops on a desert planet, preparing to face off against the Council and Galaad.

Etherium boasts and impressive, non-linear campaign structure, allowing the player to choose how their empire moves forward. Resource management, battles and research trees are all available to the player, but are left to their discretion at how they are utilized.

Also of interest is Etherium’s dynamic weather system that can turn the tide of battle in an instant. Various weather patterns can help make a conquest go smoothly – such as using a sandstorm to move towards an enemy base unseen.

Etherium’s trailer can be found below.

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