‘Urban Zelda’ Short Casts Nintendo’s Popular IP as a Gritty Near Future Action Series

The Corridor YouTube channel has released an innovative take on the Legend of Zelda video game franchise with a new action short called Urban Zelda. In it, the franchise is transformed into a gritty action movie set in the near future where Link wears body armor and shoots guns, instead of wearing tunics and using swords. He’s still hunting down Ganon, who has captured Zelda, but it’s more like a Judge Dredd movie than a Zelda game.

The concept is pretty cool and the execution is of high-quality, but outside of the main characters sharing names with characters from the Zelda video game franchise, the short feels more like a generic VFX action clip than an urbanized take on the series. The team definitely missed a few opportunities to make the short feel more like a Zelda game, but unlike the angry commenters of the video, I’m not going to pile on. In the end it’s still an entertaining spin on the Zelda franchise, and it’s shot well, so it’s worth checking out.


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