USB Stick PC Aims To Get Kids Back Into What Makes Computers Run

The talented team of geeks over at Frontier Development have created a fully functioning PC that runs on a flash memory device no bigger than your typical USB memory stick.  The Raspberry Pi comes fully loaded with a HDMI port and a USB port to hook a keyboard up to, so anywhere you’re at that has a HDTV you can have a fully functioning PC.  This true pocket sized PC will be available for less than $25 within the next year, but there’s a major catch that will probably turn most non-geeky consumers against the Pi.

This little piece of magic will not come loaded with the easy to use OS environments that we have all come so comfortable with.  Frontier Developments main purpose for creating this itsy bitsy teenie weenie pocket sized PC is to get kids back into learning computer science concepts and programming skills.  Back before the days of Windows and OSX users had to know how computers truly functioned to get them to do anything productive.  There was no GUI to create a file or folder.  You couldn’t just double-click on a program to open it, or plug in a new device and have it magically work.

These now mundane tasks had to be executed in a way that required the user to have some programming skills, as well as a solid grasp on computer science concepts.  By not loading a GUI based OS on the Raspberry Pi, Frontier is hoping that a new generation of geeks will appreciate the skills needed to make a piece of technology work.  Personally, I think it’s a fantastic idea, and for a price that’s less than $30 dollars the Pi will be an affordable learning tool for budding geek geniuses.

I know for a fact that having to use DOS and other old technologies as a kid made me appreciate the complexity of modern technology, as well provide me with a deeper understanding of how computers work.  I’ll definitely be on the lookout for the Raspberry Pi launch, but if you have any interest in it I’d recommend taking a look at the video below.  You’ve been able to get your geek on with a very small budget…

Raspberry Pi – $25 PC



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