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I am not much of a racing sim fan, simply because I blow chunks at them, I am good at Mario Kart, and that’s about it. That being said, the short amount of time that I spent with V Rally 4 made me want to try the genre out a lot more. The game was a blast  in the demo that I got to play, and so much goes into the game to make it as realistic as possible. It was also a good test to show that I should never ever be a pro race car driver, as many would die, including myself.

The game looks beautiful to start with, the environments, the cars, the effects, everything looks great, it’s almost too pretty for reality. I managed to do a couple of races in my time with the game, and if you’ve never played this type of racing game, it’s going to feel like the weirdest thing ever. You get to customize so many parts of your car that it’s nearly dizzying if you don’t already know anything about cars. Getting into the nitty gritty of the racing was what I was excited for, and the game really does hold my interest in that respect. The racing is extremely satisfying (even when you’re careening into a barricade or off a cliff)! It feels so good to pull of some sick drifting and narrowly avoid  the previously mentioned hazards while minimizing your time.

The head-to-head races were my favorite part, slamming into other cards, knocking them into barricades, and trying to out-drift them. I know you’re not really SUPPOSED to be slamming into the repeatedly because you can hurt your car, but that’s just my preference. There were other modes that I didn’t get to try, namely the uphill mode, and tons of tracks that I would love to check out in the full version of the game. So in a surprising twist, as someone who hates realistic games, I found out that I rather enjoy V Rally 4 and I would think that racing sim fans would also love it!

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