VA-11 Hall-A Serves Up Story in New Trailer

The phrase “cyberpunk bartender action” is a strange marriage of words and images. It’s an evocative combination, one that hits all the right notes when it comes to piquing a sci-fi nerd’s interests.

The game behind the sleek phrasing, VA-11 Hall-A, wears the nomenclature well. As seen in VA-11 Hall-A’s newly released story trailer, the game has character in spades.

VA-11 Hall-A’s willingness to be unique is arguably it’s greatest strength. As a bartender simulator — set in a troubled future — VA-11 Hall-A raises eyebrows. With androids, humans and everything in between turning to the titular bar, VA-11 Hall-A is aided by the diversity of its cast. The story trailer, released yesterday, does an exceptional job of capturing the essence of what makes VA-11 Hall-A special.

While VA-11 Hall-A is still in development, Sukeban Games have recently released a new demo for everyone — android sex workers included — to check out.


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