Vector Art Jedi Channels Both Sides of the Force in New Star Wars Episode VII Posters

Vector Art Jedi Master Orlando Arocena is at it again thanks to the release of a pair of fantastic fan made posters for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

He created Darkside and Lightside versions of the posters, with the dark version being inspired by the film’s trailers, and the light being offered to maintain balance with the Force, because that’s what the prophecy told him to do.

Personally, I’m a fan of both, but if you put a lightsaber to my head I’d pick the Darkside version as my favorite, because even if they’re bad, the Sith still get cooler costumes and toys to play with, so I’ve always favored the champions of the Darkside in a visual sense.

You can check out Orlando’s The Force Awakens posters below, but unfortunately you won’t be able to buy these. Hopefully he’ll be able to put them on sale, but as of right now they’re not listed in the MexiFunk store that he uses.



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