Velocity Stream Hits Steam Greenlight

Velocity Stream is the debut game from Cavelight Entertainment, and has players tracking through a futuristic environment on a non-stop, completely unpredictable course. The Paver as it is known, lays tracks ahead of the racers behind it in the hopes that they become so confused by a complicated track that it becomes nigh impossible to catch up to the mysterious device.

The Paver will come across several powerups which keep gameplay fresh and ensure that the racers are not the only ones competing. For the racers, the game plays out a little differently with their goal being to catch up to The Paver as fast as they possibly can.

Velocity Stream seems to be ambitious to say the least, but it also seems to be taking some exciting new ideas by the reigns in every respect. The game is still in early stages, but the team has put together some gameplay footage as seen below which shows off Velocity Stream in its most basic state. All of which is subject to change.

Velocity Stream still has a long way to go, but stay tuned for more on Cavelight Entertainment’s imaginative new racer. You can vote for it on Steam Greenlight now!


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