Verizon FIOS Customers to Get 26 Channels via XBL With a Catch

The first round of partnerships between MS and cable companies is now underway with the announcement of Verizon FIOS customers being able to watch 26 channels on their Xbox 360 consoles.  Unfortunately, to get in on this deal gamers have to live in a FIOS-enabled part of the country, pay for the cable service, pay for their Internet service, and have a Gold XBL account to access these 26 channels.  For existing customers who both pay for FIOS cable and Internet, this bundle shouldn’t be a huge problem unless you don’t have a XBL Gold account.  For non-FIOS users there’s almost too many barriers to entry to get these 26 cable channels on their 360s, so I don’t see this deal really taking off, or attracting new customers to Verizon’s FIOS network.

Besides, outside of the fact that you could use your console as a replacement set top box, I don’t really see this whole FIOS partnership as a must-have component of my XBL service.  It’s more of a convenience thing for existing FIOS subscribers than a selling point for buying and Xbox 360 with Gold XBL service.  It’s neat, but nothing that’s going to cause thousands of cable customers to switch to Verizon’s service.  Although, you can watch these 26 channels with voice and motion controls, but who really uses those anyway?  I think this move by MS is forth thinking, but there’s too many puzzle pieces that need to be in place for it to really take off.  At least they’re trying to innovate their Live service every year, which can’t really be said about the competition.  You’ve been wondering if FIOS is in a neighborhood near you…


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