Verizon Storm 2 OS Update: Now Available

I had a new icon appear on my Blackberry Storm 2 last night while indulging my thirst at the local watering hole.  At first I thought it was the booze playing tricks on me, but after I purged it from my system I realized a new OS update had arrived on my phone.  It kind of caught me by surprise because I’m usually on top of this shit, but this update made it past my gadget radar.

I went ahead and installed it this morning with no issues at all.  It was only a 31 meg download, so I could do it right from the phone itself.  I didn’t need to use the Blackberry Desktop Manager software at all, but the update can be pulled from that if you’d prefer.  If I was actually intelligent I should’ve used the software to at least back up my phone before upgrading my OS, but I’m and IT cowboy so I went for it guns blazin.

Download included I’d say the whole process took about an hour.  Luckily it went off without a hitch and my phone wasn’t turned into a high-end paper weight.  This has happened before and it almost made me cry like a little girl, so I’m glad I didn’t have to put my panties on for this update.  After the update finished I had to go through the setup process again, but for the most part my phone was restored to the same settings I had before the upgrade.

My impressions so far are positive about the update.  It seems to have made the keyboard more responsive to your touch and actually types the characters you’re pressing.  I don’t know if it was made bigger or just smarter, but the typing seems greatly improved.  I did notice that the blue hue that highlights a character when you press it has grown in size as well.  Besides the keyboard fixes I really haven’t noticed any other improvements to the phone’s overall performance.

The official word is that the update should speed up Internet browsing, but I haven’t noticed any improvements.  The browser still blows compared to the Droid and iPhone.  The other thing I did notice is that the update freed up some application memory.  It actually added about 10 additional megs to my app memory, which is always a bonus for Blackberry owners.  The only gripe I’ve heard on the forums is that the update screws up BBM group chat.  I don’t use this feature, so I can’t really comment on that bug one way or another.

Overall, I’m pleased with the update and the enhancements to the keyboard and application memory.  I love actually typing the words I intend to and not what the phone thought I clicked.  You can get the update through your phone by going to options – advanced options – wireless update, or go grab it over on Verizon’s site here.  Sorry Storm 1 users, you’ve been left behind like an aborted fetus.  I think it’s time for you to get a new phone.

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