Verizon Wants the iPhone: No Snit Sherlock!

Big announcement right?  Well I guess when it comes from the mouth of the Verizon CEO it is.  A story ran today explaining that for the first time Verizon’s CEO, Ivan Seidenberg, has confirmed that he personally has told Apple that Verizon wants their popular device.  Really?  That may surprise someone who still lives in their Mom’s basement and wears Chewbacca undies from the 1970’s, but does it really sound like news to the rest of us.

I’m a Verizon guy myself, and although I love my Blackberry Storm 2, I’d still highly consider [slider title=”whipping”]Whip – To use something, sport it.  Can also be used to describe your car.  “Hey who parked next to my whip?”[/slider] the iPhone if it came to Verizon.  How could I not?  The 3rd party support for this thing in terms of apps is borderline insane.  There are apps for everything including ruining your life.  Just ask Tiger Woods how much his phone has screwed him over.  Time will only tell if the iPhone makes its way to Verizon, but why wouldn’t it?  Apple, just like Microsoft, lives to make money too.  Don’t kid yourself Apple fanboys!

You’ve been enlightened…

Via [Engadget]


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