The next iteration in the Unreal Tournament franchise is not something you should expect to see any time soon. It would appear that it will take quite some time to replicate the finesse of an Unreal Tournament game, which is not a bad thing. Fans want a true experience and the developers know this.

UT4 Gameplay
An Epic Games dev staring at an early build of UT4

A good way to show that Epic Games genuinely cares about what people have to say about its latest game is to release crude video of an incomplete build, and then let people in the comments discuss the game and hopefully provide constructive feedback versus trolling. This kind of community support is clearly going to be what drives the game to be made right, and the developers over at Epic need all the support they can get, moral or otherwise.

We are very excited about the community driven model Epic is following with the new Unreal Tournament, and will be keeping a very close watch on whats to come, of which there will be a lot.


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