Very Special Scene From Guardians of The Galaxy Has Been Released

Before you continue any further, take this as warning that by watching this clip you will have spoiled a very huge moment from Guardians of The Galaxy.

Yahoo! Movies had the privilege of releasing a scene from Guardians of The Galaxy, so if you’ve seen the movie, then just getting to watch this clip again is going to bring some joy into your life. There was moment that most fans of GoTG thought that the lovable companion to Rocket Raccoon, Groot, had met his untimely fate after he uttered those three words, “We are Groot.” It was one of most emotional scenes from the movie, and it could easily bring anyone to tears.

There is no way that he was going to remain dead, Groot is a tree after all. All he needed was a some rich soil and ceramic pot to grow again. There is something about Baby Groot dancing to Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” that will make you want to get up and dance yourself. You might find yourself watching the clip multiple times because there is nothing like dancing Baby Groot to spread happiness.

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