VFX Students Team Up To Create Excellent Ralph McQuarrie Inspired ‘The Star Wars’ Trailer

A group of senior students who graduated from the Digital Animation and Visual Effects School in Orlando, Florida have crafted a pretty awesome trailer for a version of Star Wars that never saw the light of day. Back when George was first dreaming up the concept for Star Wars he hired artist Ralph McQuarrie to cook up some designs for his worlds and characters to help give vision to his ideas. While plenty of Ralph’s works of art became the basis for many designs we got to see in the original Star Wars movies, many of his concepts and George’s for that matter, never saw the light of day.

For example, at one point in time Stormtroopers used lightsabers, and so did the Han Solo character. Luke was even a girl at one point, and Chewie looked more like Zeb from Star Wars Rebels, than the walking carpet he came to be.

Anyway, these VFX students took some of Ralph’s concept art and George’s early ideas and created a concept trailer for a film called The Star Wars, which again was George’s original title for what became just Star Wars, and then Star Wars: A New Hope. The trailer is pretty great and very well done, and it definitely captures the style of McQuarrie perfectly. You should check it out above.

May The Star Wars be with you!


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