VGHS Gets a Retro Video Game Styled After 8 & 16-bit Classics


Freddie Wong and Matt Arnold’s Video Game High School web-series has been a smash hit for the network, and has turned into a cult classic amongst gamers. It’s currently in its second season (online episodes here), three episodes in to be exact, and it’s still racking up a massive number of views.

During the latest episode of VGHS S2, “The Law,” who is the show’s main antagonist, becomes engrossed in an 8-bit retelling of VGHS S1, which recounts the entire arc of the first season, as well as “The Law’s” own shortcomings during it. Matt Arnold, one of the co-creators of VGHS, felt that they built up so many art assets for the game to use in the episode that he felt it would make sense to move forward with a full on playable version of the game based on season 1 events.

He enlisted the development talents of Joel Sinclair and his Sinclair Strange Studios team to bring the VGHS game to life, and it’s now available to play as a free browser-based flash game. Each level represents a unique gameplay style that pay tribute to some of the most iconic video games from the 8-bit/16-bit eras. For example, the very first level plays out like a revered Spy Hunter, while later levels resemble the Super Mario Bros. franchise, Rush ‘N’ Attack, and many others.

This game oozes nostalgia with even its over world map representing the same style as Super Mario Bros. 3. If you love VGHS and video games from a long lost generation, you should definitely head on over to the site to give this flash game a try. There are a few screenshots after the break to help fully flesh out the look of this game, as well as the different titles it emulates.

VGHS the game is free to play and works in all Flash supported browsers.



Play VGHS here


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