I have had the chance to play some pretty touching and amazing games in my lifetime. Sometimes you find a gem through all of the games that you play. Vidar is one of these gems that I’ve found. Vidar places you in the shoes of The Stranger, a man who has found himself in the town of Vidar. Vidar is a top-down, two-dimensional RPG/puzzle game where the Stranger needs to find out the secrets of this small mountain town. The Stranger has to introduce himself to everyone in the town before the secrets start coming out. Games like this rarely hold my interest, but there is something special about Vidar.

First off, I can tell that this is a passion project and there is a lot of love going into this title. Once the game gets going, the real story starts to come out. Without revealing too much, there is a beast that the town is afraid of and a child gets lost in a cave. You must solve a puzzle in the correct amount of time to make sure he stays safe. I’ll tell you right now, as soon as I figured out how to do it, the child fell through the ice to his death. I immediately stopped and was stricken with sadness. This is something I haven’t felt in a game since Halo 4. I needed to talk to the head of Razbury Games, Dean Razavi. I let him know that his game made me feel real sadness and that I loved it.

As you progress through the game you encounter more puzzles and each night, another villager dies. Can you figure out the secret of the Beast before the whole town of Vidar dies off? There’s no going back once the day is over so use your time wisely. Vidar is set to enter Steam Early Access at the end of January. I highly advise picking this one up. Not only is the game solid, but you can tell the people at Razbury Games are pouring a lot of work into this. I’m excited to try to keep Vidar alive and figure out what’s behind this myself.

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Preview statement: A copy of this game was supplied by the developer.

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