RIM and its line of Blackberries still have the most devices in use in the US, but Apple and Google are gaining on them with their more up-to-date phones like the iPhone4 and the Droid.  I used to be a BB guy myself, and loved the way their devices handled messaging for both work and home.  Unfortunately, I’m a gadget-whore and couldn’t wait around for RIM to make a next-gen phone that could compete with the iPhone and Droids, so I dumped it in favor of the HTC Incredible.

Well it seems RIM is trying to update its OS to make BB’s seem more cutting edge like other new devices, with the eventual release of BB OS 6.  I checked out the teaser video, which you can view below, and I must say I’m glad I made the move to the Android OS.  Blackberry OS 6 doesn’t bring anything revolutionary to the table.  In fact it looks like an update that is about 2 years too late.  Everything in the video has been done already, and honestly, done better by both iOS4 and Android 2.1.

From the looks of this, RIM better get their sh*t together.  For one thing, their OS 6 doesn’t even have a release date, so they’re dealing with outdated software that doesn’t even have a go-live date yet.  Not a good thing.  They also have crappy touchscreen phones.  I made myself love the Storm and Storm 2, but quickly realized I was living a dream when I got my Incredible.  Note to RIM – consumers want touchscreen phones that are awesome!

RIM needs to either focus on the business world where they thrive, or the personal world, because they’re having an identity crisis that is forcing some customers away.  If you still BB, check out the teaser for your new OS 6, which should arrive someday.  You’ve been using old news…


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