Video Breaks Down Captain Marvel’s Strange Origins and How She May Be Depicted in the MCU

The Mr Sunday Movies team has released an informative video to break down the strange origins of Marvel’s Captain Marvel. I found it to be quite interesting, mostly because I have no clue about this character and how she may fit into the MCU. That’s why I’m interested in videos like this, because I really want to learn more about this seemingly very powerful Marvel character, who at this point will more than likely provide the edge that the good guys need to reverse Thanos’ snap at the end of Infinity War.

Anyway, the video starts with the origins of the Captain Marvel character, which was a male version named Mar-Vell. Many believe this will be Jude Law’s character in the film. Mar-Vell eventually started dating Carol Danvers, and eventually she was exposed to some form of radiation that in turn gave her powers too. Apparently she died though, but was resurrected after Mar-Vell died, and has remained the main version of Captain Marvel for many years.

It also covers her powers, which are of interest to me. Apparently she’s basically like Superman, but shoots lasers out of her hands instead of her eyes. It’s been rumored that she also has a seventh sense, and has the ability to move planets. Based on that power set I do see why Kevin Feige said that the MCU Captain Marvel will be the most overpowered hero ever featured in the Marvel films.

If you have 12-minutes, head on up above to check out the video. It’s edited in a much more fun way than reading my recap, so give it watch and get schooled on Ms. Marvel. Yes, that’s one of her names too!

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, 2019.


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