Video: Buffalo Bill is Alive and Well in the Land of Skyrim

Does anyone remember the wannabe tranny from The Silence of the Lambs who likes to abduct woman, kill them, and then cut off their body parts to make human skin costumes?  If you don’t, read about Buffalo Bill here (it puts the lotion on guy), but what I have found for you may be even more disturbing.  A gamer who goes by the name of Symixable on YouTube, has posted a video he made while playing the smash hit Skyrim that would make any sane person question this dude’s grasp on reality.  Let’s just say that I’m glad that I’m not on this guy’s friends list.

Symixable questionable Skyrim video highlights his passion for killing, beheading, stripping, and then posing female NPC characters in his in-game home.  His Skyrim home decor is more similar to Jeffery Dahmer’s than a Dragon Warrior’s with human body parts serving as trophies in his shelves.  Not to mention the other half-nude bodies of decapitated women strewn throughout his home as if he preferred to have tea time with corpses than living human flesh.

I’m sure this is all just some sick joke, but the fact that this guy spent the time to collect women, and then kill them to display in his home is more than a red flag.  If I was in law enforcement and watched this video I’d definitely put this gamer on some sort of a watch list.  Check out his extreme home makeover below.  You’ve been hoping that this dude isn’t someone you know…

Skyrim sex life.


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