Video Cameras + People = Awesomeness!

I found a video on YouTube simply called ‘People Are Awesome’, and I quickly thought to myself, “No they’re not!”  But after watching the 5 minute clip my tune has changed slightly.  All people really aren’t awesome, in fact, most people suck, but those who can do stunts and crazy sh*t like I saw in this video are truly awesome!  I never thought I’d sit there for the whole 5 minutes because my attention span is like a dead beat Dad, it’s just never around for too long, but the pure insanity I was seeing on screen kept my ADD at bay.  My top moments would have to be the little Asian girl parking her bike like a veteran stuntman, and the first clip of the wheelchair X Games like stunt!  WTF?  I’m a puss compared to that paraplegic!  Check out all of these amazing stunts below.  You’ve been wishing that you could do some of this stuff if you weren’t such a loser…


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